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Republican Leadership: Wrong Lesson Learned

Sen. Tom Coburn (Rep., Okla.) was a guest on Meet the Press this morning. Coburn is a very vocal member of the Senate, never too timid to express his extremist views. Coburn, a medical doctor, is in his second term … Continue reading

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Election Day June 5, 2012, The Day Democracy Officially Ended

I am very depressed this morning. Our centuries-old Democracy no longer exists. Vast, totally unchecked amounts of money now decide who is elected to office, and what laws are or are not passed by what was originally designed to be … Continue reading

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LA County and its Union-Busting DA Steve Cooley to Pay For Anti-Union Conduct

This past March, we wrote about the disgusting and illegal campaign to destroy the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, the union of Los Angeles  County prosecutors, conducted by Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. (“LA District Attorney Steve Cooley – … Continue reading

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Demonstrations are Nice, But Only Elections Make an Actual Difference

Since the makeover of Congress and so many state governments following the 2010 elections, fair minded people have demonstrated en masse across the US in opposition to the anti-Union, anti-middle class, anti-humanity efforts ongoing in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Maine, … Continue reading

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Republican Governors Wage War on Working Class, Refuse to Cut REAL Porkbarrel Salaries: Football Coaches

The news stories are now legion: New republican governors are waging wars against union members, against the middle class, against workers of all classes, and against the poor, as they plead poverty, but while at the same time giving massive … Continue reading

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Scott Walker’s Dream: Bring Back the Company Store

On Michael Moore’s website today, former Congressman Alan Grayson wrote a guest blog post entitled “Did They Die in Vain?”, in which he examined some of the history of the labor movement and how it relates to current events in … Continue reading

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A Few Late-Night Thoughts, Re: Michael Moore, Michele Bachmann, Gov. Rick Scott, and Gov. Scott Walker

After a tough day, a few random thoughts about ongoing events: 1) After watching yesterday’s Meet the Press, how disgusting is Tomás de Torquemada Bachmann’s auto-de-fé against the President of the United States? What would the reaction have been from … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Effect: Indiana Governor Sees the Common Good, Backs Down

After several days of seeing many thousands of people protest Scott Walker’s power grab in Wisconsin, Indiana Democratic legislators emulated the Wisconsin 14 by staging their own walk-out of their state. But, in a rapid exercise of good judgment, Indiana … Continue reading

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The Koch Brothers Are Using YOUR Money to Buy Elections and Legalize Pollution

The Koch Brothers and their various political action groups bought and paid for numerous politicians during the 2010 election cycle, and they are at the root of the Wisconsin crisis, having heavily financed the election of Scott Walker for their … Continue reading

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