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Feeble-Brained Politicians Debate Crap While the Earth and Mankind are Dying

As the halls of governments across the United States are filled with feeble-brained dimwits who proudly announce how they base their political beliefs on their bible and deny the most basic of scientifically proven realities, the earth and mankind are … Continue reading

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Grass Roots Nebraska Activists’ Non-Violent War Against Keystone XL Pipeline

With TransCanada stealing privately owned land by eminent domain across the United States, with studies revealing the release of airborne carcinogens as part of the processing of bitumen, and as the Keystone XL Pipeline is being constructed across the county … Continue reading

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Nuclear Reactors and the Pending End of Civilization

Mankind has for several decades withstood the threat of an end to civilization due to nuclear war. However, mankind’s stupid, half-assed attempts to generate power through the utilization of nuclear energy is on the verge of bringing about just that … Continue reading

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