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What This Country Needs: Truth in Political Advertising Laws

Going forward from the most disgusting election campaigns in the lifetime of most living Americans, and quite possibly ever since the establishment of our nation, there are many possible fixes that could get us back on track as the world … Continue reading

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City of Covina, CA Passes Plan to Spy on All its Residents

The so-called “War on Drugs” continues today as a pervasive assault on the lives of for the most-part law-abiding citizens at a staggering cost to society for the sole reason that it is a billion-dollar industry that profits off the … Continue reading

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The Conundrum of Municipal Elections – How To Fix Them

Continually changing demographics have resulted in the under representation in local government of significant groups in cities across the country. Cities that now include large numbers of residents from various backgrounds overwhelmingly are governed by councils that have retained the … Continue reading

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New West Covina City Council Gets it Right in First 2014 Meeting

The new West Covina City Council, featuring in its five seats three new members elected this past November, had a long, hard agenda last night, and I am very happy to be able to say that they did virtually everything … Continue reading

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The Voters Spoke in West Covina, CA.

In the community of West Covina, CA., a town of about 110,000 residents, 20 miles due east of downtown Los Angeles, a group of developer-friendly, fiscally questionable, and generally short-sighted individuals have dominated city government for many years. Some of … Continue reading

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