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We’ve Become Desensitized to Guns

This past weekend, headlines across the country told the shocking tale of a Michigan Uber driver who randomly shot and killed six people, gravely wounded two others, all over a seven hour shooting spree, intertwined with his picking up and … Continue reading

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West Covina: Tell Eastland Center We Do Not Want Hobby Lobby!

UPDATES: Hobby Lobby and Stupidity, as the Supreme Court Session Nears its End – June 28, 2014 The Disgusting Disgrace that is the United States Supreme Court – June 30, 2014 Hobby Lobby West Covina is set to have their … Continue reading

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Fireworks at West Covina City Council Meeting

As a long-time resident of the city of West Covina, CA, I attend meetings of the City Council as often as I can. In the past, I’ve written posts about the efforts to recall long-time members of the conservative majority … Continue reading

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West Covina City Council Embarrasses Themselves with Unwarranted Vitriol

The West Covina Recall effort is over, and it was, unfortunately, unsuccessful. Two members of the City Council, Mayor Mike Touhey and 22-year City Council member Steve Herfert, have now chosen to forego rational discussion of city business, and use … Continue reading

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West Covina’s Big League Dreams – Part III, The City’s Answers

A followup from earlier today’s: “West Covina’s Big League Dreams – Part II, The Facts and the Questions” We learned that the City of West Covina, in order to fiance the West Covina Big League Dreams Sports Complex, has incurred … Continue reading

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West Covina’s Big League Dreams – Part II, The Facts and the Questions

Hoping to get some specific answers to numerous finance-related questions, this morning I was among a small group of concerned West Covina, CA citizens who met with a member of the City Council, the City Manager, and other city officials, … Continue reading

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