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Do-Nothing House? We’re Better Off than When They Act

The US House of Representatives under Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and now under Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) have month after month and year after year set records for the number vacation days taken and for the meager, microscopic number of … Continue reading

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An Uninformed Voter is a gop Voter

From one extremist right wing red state to another, Constitutional rights have been stripped away from citizens, including the right to choose, the right to vote, the right to be secure and free from deranged domestic terrorists who with increased … Continue reading

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Anti-ACA GOP Governors Change Course Where They Can Benefit

As the gop continues to wage its war against the Affordable Care Act, clearly due to their knowledge that once fully implemented its popularity will rival that of Social Security and Medicare, thus insuring years of Democratic election success, behind … Continue reading

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More Lies From Romney on Ohio Early Voting Restrictions

Mitt Romney and his staff have been on a new campaign of lies and deceit, spreading the blatantly false accusation that President Obama and the Ohio Democratic Party are seeking to deny US military personnel of early voting rights in … Continue reading

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