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ALEC Hard At Work, Protecting the Lives of ….. GUNS!

Ever wonder how it is that so many republican-owned state governments seem to be coming up with very similar bills to ram through into law? Well, if you didn’t know, most of it is the work of ALEC, the American … Continue reading

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LA Times Heaps Praise on Outgoing Union Busting DA Cooley

In its article “Cooley leaves legacy of fighting corruption, increasing DNA use”, the LA Times has glossed over major indiscretions and lavished praise on Steve Cooley, whose legacy as Los Angeles County District Attorney is that of a union busting … Continue reading

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Republican Leadership: Wrong Lesson Learned

Sen. Tom Coburn (Rep., Okla.) was a guest on Meet the Press this morning. Coburn is a very vocal member of the Senate, never too timid to express his extremist views. Coburn, a medical doctor, is in his second term … Continue reading

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A Renewed Level of Sanity Reigns, Part 3

The other day, we wrote about the 11 Propositions on the California ballot, and in the past, we’ve discussed the miserable California initiative, referendum and recall system, that gives any big-money interests direct access to government, bypassing the state Legislature … Continue reading

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The Eleven Propositions on Tuesday’s California Ballot

Here are short synopses, and my opinions, on the eleven statewide propositions that voters will decide Tuesday in California: Proposition 30 – YES: When Gov. Brown could not get gop legislators to agree to life-saving tax increases, including extending a … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: Bankruptcy Before Unions

Former gop frontrunner Mitt Romney, whose real base, with the release of financial disclosure documentation earlier this month, was demonstrated to be almost exclusively millionaires and corporate giants, decided to fight his embarrassing Michigan poll numbers by digging an even … Continue reading

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A HoundDawg Political Quiz – Which Former World Leader …. ?

This person, the former head of state of a super power, came to power at a time of crisis, and developed a fanatical cadre of followers who yet today believe he or she was the greatest leader their county ever … Continue reading

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Religious Right Loses Latest “battle of good and evil of biblical proportions” and Other Stuff

As Mississippians were being urged on to vote that using birth control should be prosecuted as murder, their newly elected good ole’ boy bible-thumping nimrod governor, Phil Bryant, declared the measure to be a “battle of good and evil of … Continue reading

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LA County and its Union-Busting DA Steve Cooley to Pay For Anti-Union Conduct

This past March, we wrote about the disgusting and illegal campaign to destroy the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, the union of Los Angeles  County prosecutors, conducted by Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. (“LA District Attorney Steve Cooley – … Continue reading

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