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Election Eve in CA and Republicans Can Only Blather On About Gun Rights

As Californians ready for election day tomorrow, it is likely that yet again the out of touch state gop will again receive staggeringly low support, and if you listen to their two prime contenders to unseat Governor Jerry Brown, you … Continue reading

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GOP’s California Gubernatorial Candidates Are Just Plain Scary

The gop primary race to pick their nominee to oppose Gov. Jerry Brown has boiled down to Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and rich guy Neel Kaskari. Though Donnelly had a strong lead on the Just Plain Scary meter, Kashkari is making … Continue reading

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Worse Than Tim Donnelly? Amazing, But True

Glenn Champ, a resident of Tollhouse, CA, in Fresno County, is seeking a new job. His resume is as follows: 1992 – Guilty Plea to Carrying a Concealed Weapon; 1993 – Conviction on two Counts of Assault with Intent to … Continue reading

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Outrageous Special Treatment Given Tim Donnelly Continues

Just imagine an average guy entering the TSA security area of an international airport and attempting to pass through while carrying a loaded .45 pistol and with a second loaded magazine in his bag. Wrestled to the ground, handcuffed, and … Continue reading

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California Does Have a Tea Party and it Now Wants Power

At a time when on a national level, the tea bagger mob of wackos, religious fanatics, and certifiable lunatics is seeing some of their worst defeats ever, losing all of the state offices in Virginia and seeing a resounding loss … Continue reading

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California’s Mad Gunslinger Strikes Again

When last we wrote about Tim Donnelly, he and his position of power had just evaded the harsh criminal sanctions that the average citizen would have faced when he was caught redhanded trying to sneak a loaded gun through airport … Continue reading

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