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Democrats and Independents: We Must SAVE THE SENATE!

The last few years have seen the mockery made of the Congressional hearing system by lunatic tea party whack jobs in general and Darrell Issa in particular, with costly, time consuming hearing after hearing, fueled by promises of findings of … Continue reading

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Right Wing Scare Tactics Avoid What Should Be Scaring People

The major assault of right wing campaigning as the election nears, among both politicians running for office and their media overlords, has been outrageous, deceitful scare tactics, designed to frighten voters into supporting outlandish positions. The two primary areas of … Continue reading

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“I Am An Independent” and Other Fairy Tales, from Sen. Scott Brown

Watching last night’s Massachusetts Senatorial debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren, a theme woven throughout by Sen. Brown was his mantra that “I am an independent”. What hooey, to put it mildly. This reached a zenith when moderator David … Continue reading

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