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Who Needs Education, Just Steal the Title

Move To Missouri and become a lawyer – No education or experience necessary! Way back in 2010 when former gop presidential hopeful and still current US Senator Rand Paul was first running for the Senate, it came to light that … Continue reading

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Carson the Leader in gop Lie-Fest

Wednesday night’s gop lie-fest that they dared to call a “debate” was led in the category of most egregious intentional misstatement of fact by “the most ignorant and uninformed” of them all, ben carson, who had the audacity to tell … Continue reading

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Insight from the California republican Convention. And from Kansas

California’s republican party held it’s convention this past weekend, and discord and disunity were the overriding themes, beginning with the opening keynote when the party’s candidate viewed as having the best chance to win the party a statewide office declined … Continue reading

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The Real Chris Christie For All To See

Until recently, Chris Christie had a level of popularity that made him the poster child for gop presidential pipe dreams. Despite his temper, his disregard for frugality when it comes to living off the public dole, and his frequent insulting, … Continue reading

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A Lesson on the gop Thought Process, from Rev. Al

This afternoon (Pacific time), Reverend Al Sharpton, on his MSNBC show PoliticsNation, gave the nation a lesson in the gop thought process, and just how such republican stalwarts as Sen. Rand Paul prepare for highly visible Congressional hearings, such as … Continue reading

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The Absurd Benghazi Hearings and the Real Need for Action

Today’s Congressional Hearing on the Benghazi attack last September had two, and only two, purposes: The second, and lessor purpose, was as a platform for Democrats to praise Hilary Clinton, the outgoing Secretary of State, for her outstanding service in … Continue reading

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