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An Awful Start for Greta Van Susteren at MSNBC

Veteran journalist and TV anchor Greta Van Susteren joined MSNBC’s daily lineup yesterday, and after two shows, I could not be more embarrassed for the network. While MSNBC has NEVER been the staunch left-wing voice that the extreme right claims, … Continue reading

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Arizona’s 1st Congressional District: Typical Arizona

Arizona’s First Congressional District has seen major changes in its makeup over and over again, due to redistricting, fueled by partisan Gerrymandering. Despite the fact that the current officeholder, Ann Kirkpatrick, is a Democrat, it is a republican district, and … Continue reading

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The Sad Case of the Political Response to Bowe Bergdahl’s Release

GOP duplicity has never been more evident than over the prisoner exchange of Bowe Bergdahl successfully carried out by Pres. Obama. After politicians, largely republican Senators, became aware that a US soldier had been held captive in Afghanistan for a … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Politicians Gaining Power, and Legitimacy from the US

Missing from the vast majority of news reports from the Ukraine is virtually any mention of the current makeup of the new government of acting president Turchynov, who has embraced the most despicable elements of Ukrainian society and provided them … Continue reading

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The Real Story Why Susan Rice Should Not Be Secretary of State

When Condoleezza Rice repeatedly lied to the American people about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction, Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham were vociferous in their defense of her, and fully supported her nomination to become george w bush’s … Continue reading

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Senile John McCain Mistakenly Endorses President Obama

The decrepit old John McCain, obviously in the mid stages of dementia, who pandered to bipartisan support in his quest for the Presidency, but then became a right wing zealot, put his foot in his mouth once again, as he … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform – Not All We Wanted, But the First Step

The bill has passed, the President will sign it tomorrow. There are many benefits in the new law, despite no single payer or public option provisions. The right wing mob response: 1) Protesters outside the Capital yelling the worst racial … Continue reading

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Lieberman, Nelson, and McCain – Disgraces of the Senate

After months of exposure to the American people through the course of the health care debate, it is clear that the US Senate is composed of 85 or so of the most dishonest, money-grubbing scum ever elected to high office … Continue reading

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More Republican Voter Fraud – Where is McCain’s Outrage?

It was reported by the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, that the group Young Political Majors, or YPM, hired by the California Republican Party, illegally and fraudulently changed the registration of untold numbers of Democrats. It is alleged that employees … Continue reading

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