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Lies and Deceit Are What trump Served Up Last Night

Last night the deranged mentally deficient narcissist racist pussygrabber pulled the wool over the eyes of millions of Americans as he read a speech that for once did not include vile, racist, incendiary slurs, but that still did throughout include … Continue reading

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Will the gop Run To or Run From Trump?

The gop is great at ganging up and beating up on people. They love to deny school lunches and public assistance payments to kids whose parents cannot afford healthy, nutritious, or often times any, meals for them. They love to … Continue reading

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Do-Nothing House? We’re Better Off than When They Act

The US House of Representatives under Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and now under Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) have month after month and year after year set records for the number vacation days taken and for the meager, microscopic number of … Continue reading

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Miserable People in the gop

Over the past few days, there have been several stories in the news about absolutely miserable people, some stories being widely disseminated and discussed, others not much. These stories involve politicians currently holding high offices, politicians who formerly held high … Continue reading

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As Usual the Outrage of the Right is Misdirected

For months, Darrell Issa and others polluted the airwaves and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars squawking about and holding hearings on a non-existent Benghazi “scandal” and “coverup”. But where was the outrage against the militants who actually did kill four … Continue reading

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American Citizens Showing Passion Over Proposed GOP Budget

The health care reform debates of a couple of years ago were for the most part well orchestrated and scripted phony demonstrations, financed by the health insurance industry and additional corporate and super rich interests, and aimed at producing a … Continue reading

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