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Two-Faced Boehner Hits New Low For Hypocrisy

Before today’s Senate vote defeating the latest oil industry/gop effort to force the completion of the preposterous Keystone XL pipeline on unwitting, oblivious, America, tea bagger house speaker John Boehner took to the nearest microphone to issue a tirade replete … Continue reading

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Impeachment? Bring It On, gop, Bring It On!

Now THIS is the Barack Obama that we thought we elected in 2008 and again in 2012, an Obama will will stand up for what is right in the face of not just overpowering gop opposition, but also to low … Continue reading

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Tea Bagger “Head Lice” House Hard at Work

A few days ago, Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (Dem, NJ) speaking on the House floor told his fellow members that they were less popular with the American people than head lice. This comes from a poll reported in the Washington … Continue reading

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Spite and Racism Defeat the Party of Big Business

To paraphrase Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, it’s a good day for the anarchists. Never in the history of our government has one faction of one party taken such steps to destroy our country due to an immature hissy-fit over … Continue reading

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A Renewed Level of Sanity Reigns, Part 4

Subtitled: What Do People in Grocery Lines, Bad Drivers, and Republicans Have In Common? They are all oblivious to the real world. For years it has amazed me how people standing in grocery check-out lines are totally oblivious to the … Continue reading

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Republican Duplicity – the Height of Arrogance (They Call it a “Pledge”)

On the day that several key elements of the Health Care Reform bill (“Obamacare” to you right wing dupes), republicans unveiled their “Pledge to America”, a partial re-hash of newt gingrich’s 1994 manifesto, but also a usurpation of many elements … Continue reading

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