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Right Wing Scare Tactics Avoid What Should Be Scaring People

The major assault of right wing campaigning as the election nears, among both politicians running for office and their media overlords, has been outrageous, deceitful scare tactics, designed to frighten voters into supporting outlandish positions. The two primary areas of … Continue reading

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Right Wing Lying Us Into War, Once More

A little more than a decade ago, george w bush and his cadre of charlatans and thieves lied this country into a disastrous, ill-conceived war in Iraq. It worked once, so why not again? As the country is scared and … Continue reading

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Why Negotiate, Says the gop, When We Have Bombs?

While California is fortunate to have many truly outstanding representatives on the national scene, such as Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressmembers Henry Waxman, John Garamend, Nancy Pelosi, Judy Chu, and Karen Bass, the state’s Congressional delegation also includes some of … Continue reading

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