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Obama Adm. Position on ACA Contraception Coverage Establishes State Religion

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” -the first ten words of the first amendment to the United States Constitution One of the major advancements in fairness bought about by the Affordable Care Act is the requirement … Continue reading

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Neocons: “Don’t Try It, It Might Work”

It is amazing but totally predictable. The war mongering neocons who escaped unscathed from the horrors of the george w bush administration continue now as they did with Iraq and Afghanistan and as they did with Libya and as they … Continue reading

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The Virginia Showdown

In just a few days, the people of Virginia will be sending a message to the the radical right, that the citizens of this country are disgusted with the anti-woman, anti-voter, anti-American agenda that they have followed wherever they have … Continue reading

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Spite and Racism Defeat the Party of Big Business

To paraphrase Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, it’s a good day for the anarchists. Never in the history of our government has one faction of one party taken such steps to destroy our country due to an immature hissy-fit over … Continue reading

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Nathan Bedford Forrest – A 21st Century Travesty

In the Great State of Tennessee, a state park is named the Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park. The Official Tennessee State Park website includes the following tribute: “The park was named for General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the intrepid Confederate cavalry … Continue reading

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Lawmen & Firemen With Agendas Only Hurt Those They Serve

Give a fellow some training, give him a uniform, and give him a gun or a fireman’s ax, and send him out to protect the citizenry. It doesn’t always work out so well, from the thugs who beat the crap … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court Now Lies to the American People.

Or, How Chief Justice Roberts Got His Way by Lying In the recent past, monumental decisions from our United States Supreme Court have been handed down by a 5-4 majority, where the facts and logic supporting such decisions have been … Continue reading

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Teabagger House Turns Great Day Into Disgrace

On a day when ALL Americans should be rejoicing, on a day when Chief Justice John Roberts put partisan politics aside and joined the liberal minority of the United States Supreme Court to uphold the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care … Continue reading

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Is Newt Running for President, or for Emperor?

I used to think that of all of the outrageous, stupid things that Newt Gingrich has said during the course of his campaign, his referring to President Obama as having a “Mau-Mau Mentatlity” was the worst. I now sit corrected. … Continue reading

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