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Too Bad Judgeships Are Political Appointments and Not Based on Merit

Throughout the years that I practiced law (1974-2001), it never ceased to amaze me to see so many men and women sitting as judges who had no business being there. While most judges were intelligent people, there were some who … Continue reading

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Religious Test Now Required to Give Your Kid a Name

First let me say that people who name their children “Messiah”, “Adolf Hitler”, or “Aryan Nation”, and people who name themselves “Metta World Peace” are deranged and need help. As crazy as some actual, documented names are, it is a … Continue reading

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I’m Very Tired of References to “Those Guys” As If They Were “Different”

We hear so much from gop elected officials and spokespersons, and commentators from all sides of the spectrum, referring to the outrageous statements and actions of some members of the extreme right, both during their campaigns for public offices, and … Continue reading

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