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New West Covina City Council Gets it Right in First 2014 Meeting

The new West Covina City Council, featuring in its five seats three new members elected this past November, had a long, hard agenda last night, and I am very happy to be able to say that they did virtually everything … Continue reading

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This One Is On Congress

The nation was in shock after the horrific day last December in Newtown, Connecticut. But in the aftermath, there was finally hope that our employees who represent us in Congress would finally get the message that legislation was urgently needed … Continue reading

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Right Wingers Continue to Eat Their Own

Lindsey Graham has been a US Senator from South Carolin for 10 years. He has repeatedly voted for bills restricting abortion funding and family planning, and has received a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee, while receiving … Continue reading

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The NRA Picks a New Prez, and it’s Not Pretty!

If you thought Wayne LaPierre was a piece of work, you haven’t met Jim Porter, the incoming president of the NRA. Mr. Porter has been in the news in the past, following a speech he made a year ago to … Continue reading

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Gun Nuts Want Felons, Mentally Ill to KEEP Their Guns!

After writing yesterday about SB 140 (“California’s Gun Lobby: Further Assault On Our Intelligence”), comments appeared here and on the LA Times Blog that show unequivocally how removed from reality so many gun nuts seem to be. They are actually … Continue reading

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California’s Gun Lobby: Further Assault On Our Intelligence

It never dawned on me that there were so many pro-gun lobbying groups in California. Among them are the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the California Assn. of Firearms Retailers, the California Rifle and Pistol Assn., Gun Owners of California, and … Continue reading

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Presidential Debates Skip the Real Issues We Face

As the list of horrific shootings occurring around the US continues to mount, now on a seemingly daily basis, no answer is in sight. During the time that this post is being written, news has broken about a shooting in … Continue reading

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The NRA and Lobbying – To What End?

As I have frequently stated, I gave up any hope of any type of reform to the virtually unrestricted free-market sale of guns and ammunition when following the Jan, 2011 Tucson shooting, no reasonable legislation regulating gun and ammunition sales … Continue reading

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