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Dishonest CVS Finds New Way To Steal

Right near the top of my list of Rotten Companies is the disgusting mega-corporation CVS Pharmacy, which over the past few years has been buying up smaller pharmacy chains here, there, and everywhere, in its effort to dominate the retail … Continue reading

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For Larry Hogan, Karma Can Be Tough To Face

While I am a firm believer in free will, as opposed to determinism or the belief that some mythological figure can control the minutia of the daily lives of a few billion humans, not to mention billions more animals, not … Continue reading

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Anti-ACA GOP Governors Change Course Where They Can Benefit

As the gop continues to wage its war against the Affordable Care Act, clearly due to their knowledge that once fully implemented its popularity will rival that of Social Security and Medicare, thus insuring years of Democratic election success, behind … Continue reading

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Obama Budget a Slap in the Face to the Democratic Base

Next year, it may be “buy chicken instead of beef” for seniors, but in a few more years for some, it may well be “buy cat food instead of chicken”. THAT could be the eventual result of changing Social Security … Continue reading

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Prosperity COULD Be Around the Corner

Cut, Cap, and Balance. Grim Reaper Party. Tea Klux Klan. Tea Bagger House. These people are dangerous. And much of the American citizenry, thanks to Rupert Murdoch’s garbage network of LIES, DECEIT and pure, unadulterated CRAP, thanks to Citizens United, … Continue reading

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Lieberman, Nelson, and McCain – Disgraces of the Senate

After months of exposure to the American people through the course of the health care debate, it is clear that the US Senate is composed of 85 or so of the most dishonest, money-grubbing scum ever elected to high office … Continue reading

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Health Insurance Industy Gets What it Paid For From Its Congress

Once again, its massive investment in buying the votes of the majority of the membership of Congress is paying off big-time for the health insurance industry. Elements of the latest health care “Reform” bill to make its way through the … Continue reading

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