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No Doubt, Fracking Will Kill Us All

As the oil and gas industry continues to make record profits, their assault on the earth and its inhabitants goes virtually unchecked, racing headlong to a world were the unconscionable wealth and power of the ExxonMobils, the BPs, the Shells, … Continue reading

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Big Pharma: The World’s Most Dangerous Drug Cartels

Who are the most dangerous drug cartels in the world? The main stream media AND the right wing propaganda machine have led most people to believe they are Mexican groups such as the Sinaloa Cartel and the former Medellín Cartel … Continue reading

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GOP Has it All Figured Out for 2016

We all remember the gop circus of 2011-2, where their group of clowns, all vying for their party’s presidential nomination, paraded themselves through debate after debate, 20 in all, as well as those utterly stupefying caucuses, in which the flavor … Continue reading

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Massive Customs Dept. Airplane Tracking Program Wastes Resources, Violates Rights

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department, such outrageous activities of private pilots as long travel distances, frequent course changes, not filing a flight plan (not required for private pilots), landings at remote airports, and flying east from … Continue reading

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Outrageous Special Treatment Given Tim Donnelly Continues

Just imagine an average guy entering the TSA security area of an international airport and attempting to pass through while carrying a loaded .45 pistol and with a second loaded magazine in his bag. Wrestled to the ground, handcuffed, and … Continue reading

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LAPD Chief Is Derelict in Failing to Impose Severe Penalties in Dorner Case Civilian Shooting

One year ago today, in the midst of the multi-county manhunt for cop-killer Christopher Dorner, eight LA police officers themselves committed one of the most heinous acts against law-abiding citizens in the history of Los Angeles. I described this in … Continue reading

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California Does Have a Tea Party and it Now Wants Power

At a time when on a national level, the tea bagger mob of wackos, religious fanatics, and certifiable lunatics is seeing some of their worst defeats ever, losing all of the state offices in Virginia and seeing a resounding loss … Continue reading

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More on Harold Simmons and the Power of Unlimited Campaign Financing

A few days ago we wrote about why in the world “… Does a Texas Billionaire Want to Elect the Next Mayor of Los Angeles?”. As Harold Simmons-financed TV ads extolling the virtues of conservative and former talk-show host Kevin … Continue reading

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New Look at LA-usc Backroom Deal for Coliseum Takeover

A few months back, the LA Coliseum Commission negotiated a virtual taxpayer give-away of the venerable LA Memorial Coliseum to the university of southern california, the second most powerful and influential private entity in Los Angeles County. The deal was … Continue reading

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