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Grass Roots Nebraska Activists’ Non-Violent War Against Keystone XL Pipeline

With TransCanada stealing privately owned land by eminent domain across the United States, with studies revealing the release of airborne carcinogens as part of the processing of bitumen, and as the Keystone XL Pipeline is being constructed across the county … Continue reading

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Spite and Racism Defeat the Party of Big Business

To paraphrase Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, it’s a good day for the anarchists. Never in the history of our government has one faction of one party taken such steps to destroy our country due to an immature hissy-fit over … Continue reading

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Common Core: On the Road to Success

A few years ago, the republican-dominated National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) undertook a massive effort to bring about a system to align school curricula among the fifty states. Various organizations, all nonpartisan … Continue reading

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ALEC Hard At Work, Protecting the Lives of ….. GUNS!

Ever wonder how it is that so many republican-owned state governments seem to be coming up with very similar bills to ram through into law? Well, if you didn’t know, most of it is the work of ALEC, the American … Continue reading

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GOP, Great At Overthrowing Foreign Governments, Now Doing the Same at Home, Pt II

Part II, Domestic Rule in the 2010s (Read Part I first.) Massive propaganda efforts disseminating outright lies and the effects of Gerrymandering have solidified gop rule in many US states, and republican state governments, unfettered by any burden of viable … Continue reading

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Darrell Issa – The Most Wasteful Man in America

Darrell Issa has been a gop Congressman from the deep red, extremely wealthy enclaves of California’s northern San Diego and southern Orange counties since his first election victory in November of 2000, and he himself has the notable distinction of … Continue reading

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Bill Maher Describes the REAL ronald reagan

I’ve written a fair amount over the years about the worst president in US history, the conservative idol, ronald reagan. His legacy is the destruction of the two party system of dedicated patriots working together, though from varying points of … Continue reading

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I’m Very Tired of References to “Those Guys” As If They Were “Different”

We hear so much from gop elected officials and spokespersons, and commentators from all sides of the spectrum, referring to the outrageous statements and actions of some members of the extreme right, both during their campaigns for public offices, and … Continue reading

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Koch Bros and their Americans for Prosperity Want NO Government Help For Sandy Victims

Lee Fang, writing for the Nation, has revealed massive efforts by David Koch, and the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity organization, to influence Congress to vote AGAINST federal help for victims of Hurricane Sandy. The amount of money that the … Continue reading

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