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Most Conservative Supreme Court Ever Is Too Liberal For Some

The backlash among right wing extremists and your run-of-the-mill Obama haters to today’s Supreme Court ruling that correctly interpreted the intent of the Affordable Care Act to validate federal health care exchange subsidies has been breathtaking to observe. The criticism … Continue reading

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Big Pharma and the Supreme Court – a Match Made in Heaven

In two rulings from the US Supreme Court, each decided five-to-four, the Court’s conservative block has insulated BIG PHARMA from an innumerable number of injury claims from consumers who ingest their drugs and who then suffer significant injuries and damages, … Continue reading

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What Part of “SEPARATION” of Church and State is So Hard to Comprehend?

As 2013 came to a crashing close, two items again demonstrated the total lack of comprehension of the concept of “Separation of Church and State” and how on one hand it is ignored by some politicians, while on the other … Continue reading

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