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AB 1014 – California’s New Tool To Combat Gun Violence

“Without a doubt, AB 1014 is one of the most egregious violations of civil liberties ever introduced in the California Legislature.” -Charles H. Cunningham, Director, NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action Tell that to the family and friends of 19-year-old George … Continue reading

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Election Eve in CA and Republicans Can Only Blather On About Gun Rights

As Californians ready for election day tomorrow, it is likely that yet again the out of touch state gop will again receive staggeringly low support, and if you listen to their two prime contenders to unseat Governor Jerry Brown, you … Continue reading

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GOP’s California Gubernatorial Candidates Are Just Plain Scary

The gop primary race to pick their nominee to oppose Gov. Jerry Brown has boiled down to Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and rich guy Neel Kaskari. Though Donnelly had a strong lead on the Just Plain Scary meter, Kashkari is making … Continue reading

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California Does Have a Tea Party and it Now Wants Power

At a time when on a national level, the tea bagger mob of wackos, religious fanatics, and certifiable lunatics is seeing some of their worst defeats ever, losing all of the state offices in Virginia and seeing a resounding loss … Continue reading

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Drivers’ Licenses for the Undocumented Protect the Rest of Us

Arguments rejecting the idea of allowing undocumented US residents to qualify for drivers’ licenses are based on ignorance and racism, and ignore the basic facts that such licensing serves to substantially protect the rest of us. The knee-jerk reaction of … Continue reading

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The NRA Picks a New Prez, and it’s Not Pretty!

If you thought Wayne LaPierre was a piece of work, you haven’t met Jim Porter, the incoming president of the NRA. Mr. Porter has been in the news in the past, following a speech he made a year ago to … Continue reading

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A Renewed Level of Sanity Reigns, Part 3

The other day, we wrote about the 11 Propositions on the California ballot, and in the past, we’ve discussed the miserable California initiative, referendum and recall system, that gives any big-money interests direct access to government, bypassing the state Legislature … Continue reading

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The Eleven Propositions on Tuesday’s California Ballot

Here are short synopses, and my opinions, on the eleven statewide propositions that voters will decide Tuesday in California: Proposition 30 – YES: When Gov. Brown could not get gop legislators to agree to life-saving tax increases, including extending a … Continue reading

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Mixed Message From Governor On Initiative Reform

Governor Brown has had three important bills cross his desk that could have made a major difference in reigning in California’s corrupt Initiative, Referendum and Recall system that costs California millions of dollars each year and allows the super-rich, mega … Continue reading

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