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Progressive Hero Peter Lewis Dies at 80

Not a lot of people have heard of Peter Lewis. That is a shame. In the world of insurance that is dominated by the bottom line, where leadership dedicates every waking moment to crating new and devious ways to increase … Continue reading

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California Does Have a Tea Party and it Now Wants Power

At a time when on a national level, the tea bagger mob of wackos, religious fanatics, and certifiable lunatics is seeing some of their worst defeats ever, losing all of the state offices in Virginia and seeing a resounding loss … Continue reading

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A Renewed Level of Sanity Reigns, Part 3

The other day, we wrote about the 11 Propositions on the California ballot, and in the past, we’ve discussed the miserable California initiative, referendum and recall system, that gives any big-money interests direct access to government, bypassing the state Legislature … Continue reading

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The Eleven Propositions on Tuesday’s California Ballot

Here are short synopses, and my opinions, on the eleven statewide propositions that voters will decide Tuesday in California: Proposition 30 – YES: When Gov. Brown could not get gop legislators to agree to life-saving tax increases, including extending a … Continue reading

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West Covina City Council Embarrasses Themselves with Unwarranted Vitriol

The West Covina Recall effort is over, and it was, unfortunately, unsuccessful. Two members of the City Council, Mayor Mike Touhey and 22-year City Council member Steve Herfert, have now chosen to forego rational discussion of city business, and use … Continue reading

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West Covina’s Big League Dreams

As we described on June 24, 2012, one of the compelling issues that led to the commencement of recall proceedings against several West Covina city council members was the ill-fated and ill-conceived Big League Dreams sports complex that now sits … Continue reading

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Election Day June 5, 2012, The Day Democracy Officially Ended

I am very depressed this morning. Our centuries-old Democracy no longer exists. Vast, totally unchecked amounts of money now decide who is elected to office, and what laws are or are not passed by what was originally designed to be … Continue reading

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Mixed Message From Governor On Initiative Reform

Governor Brown has had three important bills cross his desk that could have made a major difference in reigning in California’s corrupt Initiative, Referendum and Recall system that costs California millions of dollars each year and allows the super-rich, mega … Continue reading

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GOP Gall Hits New Low as Assembly Leader Threatens Governor Brown

The obstinance of the republican delegation in the California legislature is exceeded only by that of the republican Congressional delegation in its blatant refusal to cooperate in formulating and passing legislation to benefit the people, rather than selfish, partisan self-interest. … Continue reading

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