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Impeachment? Bring It On, gop, Bring It On!

Now THIS is the Barack Obama that we thought we elected in 2008 and again in 2012, an Obama will will stand up for what is right in the face of not just overpowering gop opposition, but also to low … Continue reading

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Scary Results and Turnout in Arizona Primary

Earlier this week, I wrote about the primary election that was to take place in Arizona on Tuesday, and specifically about the First Congressional district, where three far-out gop candidates, Adam Kwasman, Gary Kiehne, and Andy Tobin, were vying to … Continue reading

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Arizona’s 1st Congressional District: Typical Arizona

Arizona’s First Congressional District has seen major changes in its makeup over and over again, due to redistricting, fueled by partisan Gerrymandering. Despite the fact that the current officeholder, Ann Kirkpatrick, is a Democrat, it is a republican district, and … Continue reading

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Non-Voters Are Giving Power to Extremists

Main-stream thinkers, the people who believe in government and who believe in humanity, also think nothing of handing over the reigns of power to extremists who believe in far different values, by virtue of their failure to vote. This was … Continue reading

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Tea Baggers Stick to Their Guns, But Christie Has A Viewpoint for Every Faction

I’ve written several recent posts about tea baggers, and they contain nothing, I’m sure, complementary. I will now give the members of this &*$#*(@% movement, a compliment: They formulate positions on issues, and as lame, deranged, idiotic, and fanatical as … Continue reading

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What Happens When Californians Let a Tea Bagger into Congress?

You get someone who: 1. Votes to cut food stamps to the poor because the bible does not say that the government should feed the poor, while over the past few years, he and his family who own and operate … Continue reading

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The Virginia Showdown

In just a few days, the people of Virginia will be sending a message to the the radical right, that the citizens of this country are disgusted with the anti-woman, anti-voter, anti-American agenda that they have followed wherever they have … Continue reading

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“I Am An Independent” and Other Fairy Tales, from Sen. Scott Brown

Watching last night’s Massachusetts Senatorial debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren, a theme woven throughout by Sen. Brown was his mantra that “I am an independent”. What hooey, to put it mildly. This reached a zenith when moderator David … Continue reading

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Religious Right Loses Latest “battle of good and evil of biblical proportions” and Other Stuff

As Mississippians were being urged on to vote that using birth control should be prosecuted as murder, their newly elected good ole’ boy bible-thumping nimrod governor, Phil Bryant, declared the measure to be a “battle of good and evil of … Continue reading

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