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Catching Up A Bit – Thoughts Re November, 2016

Note: I have been away from blogging, here and on other blogs, due to the bulk of my time being taken up by a four-month-long major project, that is now behind me. My absence here had nothing to do with … Continue reading

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A Lesson on the gop Thought Process, from Rev. Al

This afternoon (Pacific time), Reverend Al Sharpton, on his MSNBC show PoliticsNation, gave the nation a lesson in the gop thought process, and just how such republican stalwarts as Sen. Rand Paul prepare for highly visible Congressional hearings, such as … Continue reading

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The Absurd Benghazi Hearings and the Real Need for Action

Today’s Congressional Hearing on the Benghazi attack last September had two, and only two, purposes: The second, and lessor purpose, was as a platform for Democrats to praise Hilary Clinton, the outgoing Secretary of State, for her outstanding service in … Continue reading

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Mrs. Rick Perry – the Explainer

Perhaps the two most vilified women of the past 20 years have been Hilary Clinton and Michele Obama. How dare Mrs. Clinton actually have a role in vetting potential appointees or in formulating public policy?¬†How DARE the first lady step … Continue reading

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