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Miserable People in the gop

Over the past few days, there have been several stories in the news about absolutely miserable people, some stories being widely disseminated and discussed, others not much. These stories involve politicians currently holding high offices, politicians who formerly held high … Continue reading

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I Wonder Why There is No Respect for Government Authority?

This photo shows the results of vandals having defaced a public memorial at the Alhambra, CA civic center. Law enforcement, local officials, and members of the public wonder why this happens, why there is such a lack of respect for … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Facing Far-Reaching Issues in Hobby Lobby Case

Next week, the United States Supreme Court will be deciding several issues of significant importance in cases brought by Hobby Lobby and a small furniture company, Conestoga Wood Specialties. I’ve written several times about these issues, including about Hobby Lobby … Continue reading

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The REAL Affordable Care Act and How it Really Is Working

Wade through the lies, the propaganda, the constant onslaught of phony stories, of phony ads, of phony websites, and above all, the vitriolic hyperbole of the legion of right wing Obama-haters and outright racists, and see the tremendous benefit to … Continue reading

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