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Democrats and Independents: We Must SAVE THE SENATE!

The last few years have seen the mockery made of the Congressional hearing system by lunatic tea party whack jobs in general and Darrell Issa in particular, with costly, time consuming hearing after hearing, fueled by promises of findings of … Continue reading

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Spite and Racism Defeat the Party of Big Business

To paraphrase Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, it’s a good day for the anarchists. Never in the history of our government has one faction of one party taken such steps to destroy our country due to an immature hissy-fit over … Continue reading

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GOP, Great At Overthrowing Foreign Governments, Now Doing the Same at Home, Pt II

Part II, Domestic Rule in the 2010s (Read Part I first.) Massive propaganda efforts disseminating outright lies and the effects of Gerrymandering have solidified gop rule in many US states, and republican state governments, unfettered by any burden of viable … Continue reading

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More on Harold Simmons and the Power of Unlimited Campaign Financing

A few days ago we wrote about why in the world “… Does a Texas Billionaire Want to Elect the Next Mayor of Los Angeles?”. As Harold Simmons-financed TV ads extolling the virtues of conservative and former talk-show host Kevin … Continue reading

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