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THE 2016 Words to Remember

Over our hundreds of years of presidential campaigns, many memorable statements have been uttered by presidents running for re-election, by future presidents, and by losing candidates. Some have been made on the campaign trail, some specifically for the tv camera, … Continue reading

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Rick Perry, Comedian

Some of the biggest laughs of the 2012 Presidential campaign were provided by Texas Governor Rick Perry, from his seemingly inebriated monologue in New Hampshire delivered in part while clutching a bottle of maple syrup, to his unforgettable triumvirate of … Continue reading

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A Little Known Program Through the Affordable Care Act Is Saving Lives in Chicago

For centuries, the mentally ill and developmentally disabled who have no ability to abide by society’s rules have been thrust into the criminal justice system, which has served little more than to exacerbate their illnesses, leading to more serious symptoms … Continue reading

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More Right Wing Lies About Business “Un”-Friendly California

With this past week’s announcement that Toyota is closing its Torrance, CA headquarters and relocating 3,000 jobs to Texas, the right-wing propaganda machine has gone mad with criticism of California’s tax system and environmental protection laws, alleging that such state … Continue reading

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Anti-ACA GOP Governors Change Course Where They Can Benefit

As the gop continues to wage its war against the Affordable Care Act, clearly due to their knowledge that once fully implemented its popularity will rival that of Social Security and Medicare, thus insuring years of Democratic election success, behind … Continue reading

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More on Harold Simmons and the Power of Unlimited Campaign Financing

A few days ago we wrote about why in the world “… Does a Texas Billionaire Want to Elect the Next Mayor of Los Angeles?”. As Harold Simmons-financed TV ads extolling the virtues of conservative and former talk-show host Kevin … Continue reading

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The Five Worst US Governors, EVER

Well, maybe not EVER (that list might have to include both California’s Pete Wilson and der Gropenfhurer), but here are the five worst who are currently in office, and boy, we had to leave off some doozies: 5. Jan Brewer, … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann – Intentional Misrepresentations or Pure Stupidity?

For unknown reasons, NBC and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” agreed to let Michele Bachmann appear on the show this past week. Apparently as she walked on stage, the band played Fishbone’s “Lyin’ Ass Bitch”. NBC and Fallon have since … Continue reading

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Stand-Up Comedian Rick Perry Has Carved Out New Career Niche

Two things concerning Rick Perry have become clear during the course of the ongoing barrage of republican debates – His political career is over, and he has a great new career in stand-up comedy. Since his infamous New Hampshire appearance … Continue reading

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