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The gop Has Truly Found the Ultimate Bottom Feeder

In a year Where the gop has elected to the US Senate Joni Ernst, who has said that she would not hesitate to use her handgun against government officials who do not respect her rights; Where the gop has elected … Continue reading

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USA: 1776-2014. RIP

Watching the results from around the country, I sit here DISGUSTED! How can so many vote for the Koch Bros. platform of destroying the country for their personal economic gain; the middle class will soon cease to exist, as will … Continue reading

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Georgia – Where Medical Care is For the RIch, But Guns Are For Everyone, Everywhere

A few weeks ago, it was widely reported how Georgia governor Nathan Deal had devised a plan to stop the continuing surge of bankruptcies among rural Georgia hospitals. Due to his and other state gop leaders, Georgia refused the Affordable … Continue reading

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