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“Why Students Lie” Article Misses the Political Point

This past week, the New York Times published an interesting but ill-conceived article written by a high school teacher entitled “Why Students Lie, and Why We Fall for It”. The article discussed the author’s preoccupation with the fact that her … Continue reading

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Republican Leadership: Wrong Lesson Learned

Sen. Tom Coburn (Rep., Okla.) was a guest on Meet the Press this morning. Coburn is a very vocal member of the Senate, never too timid to express his extremist views. Coburn, a medical doctor, is in his second term … Continue reading

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Religious Right Loses Latest “battle of good and evil of biblical proportions” and Other Stuff

As Mississippians were being urged on to vote that using birth control should be prosecuted as murder, their newly elected good ole’ boy bible-thumping nimrod governor, Phil Bryant, declared the measure to be a “battle of good and evil of … Continue reading

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Republican Governors Wage War on Working Class, Refuse to Cut REAL Porkbarrel Salaries: Football Coaches

The news stories are now legion: New republican governors are waging wars against union members, against the middle class, against workers of all classes, and against the poor, as they plead poverty, but while at the same time giving massive … Continue reading

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