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Those gop Govs are Doing Real Well

It never ceases to amaze me how millions of voters can consistently vote against their own best interests when it comes to electing the people who pass the laws they must live with in their daily lives, and who like … Continue reading

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Chris Christie – Attorney General

It just came to me. There is one, single benefit of a trump presidency: His Attorney General, Chris Christie, would become the first ever US Attorney General, who prosecutes HIMSELF. All that evidence that’s mounting up for all of his … Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell: A Lifetime of Treachery, Trickery & Deceit

It isn’t that Bob McDonnell isn’t a slimy sonofbitch whose word and ethics and honor and loyalty aren’t worth a confederate dollar, but rather that so many people were hoodwinked into believing the opposite. “Governor Ultrasound” as he was known … Continue reading

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GOP Plan – Out of Sight, Out of Mind

It seems that on a couple of fronts, gop controlled state governments are engaging in a practice of removing from sight, and in their warped thinking, from the minds of the rest of society, information and more about ideas and … Continue reading

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The Real Chris Christie For All To See

Until recently, Chris Christie had a level of popularity that made him the poster child for gop presidential pipe dreams. Despite his temper, his disregard for frugality when it comes to living off the public dole, and his frequent insulting, … Continue reading

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Tea Baggers Stick to Their Guns, But Christie Has A Viewpoint for Every Faction

I’ve written several recent posts about tea baggers, and they contain nothing, I’m sure, complementary. I will now give the members of this &*$#*(@% movement, a compliment: They formulate positions on issues, and as lame, deranged, idiotic, and fanatical as … Continue reading

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Mitt’s Lies Have No Bounds – Even Chris Christie Can Do Without Him

GOP Presidential nominee willard mitt romney has waged a campaign of lies and deceit, pure and simple. In just the last couple of days, he has reinforced an untrue campaign statement that Jeep will be closing its Ohio plants and … Continue reading

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Christieites, Are You Sure?

Just like with gop savior Fred Thompson four years ago, republicans have found their ideal candidate in New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. For those with short memories, former Senator and TV prosecutor Thompson had won the hearts of the faithful … Continue reading

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