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Bobby Jindal, Go to the Head of the Class!

For generations, oil and gas companies have not just engaged in outrageous conduct that has wrecked havoc on the gulf coast, but state and local governments have encouraged them to do so. Affected as much or more than any other … Continue reading

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More from the Bobby Jindal Dirty Politics as Usual File

The man who warned his gop compatriots not to be the “stupid” party and then continued on his own path of stupid, and who then condemned hyphenated heritage nomenclature as a source of racism and then accepted accolades for his … Continue reading

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On the Eve of the College Football Season, Salaries Revisited

A couple of years ago, I wrote about how in so many states across the US, state budgets are being slashed and vital social programs are suffering the consequences, while football coaches at state universities receive obscenely high salaries out … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal Continues His Unabashed Duplicity

Following the gop debacle of 2012, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal gained considerable notoriety for calling on his party’s members to stop being so damn stupid. Just look around at the idiots in Congress, in North Carolina, In Georgia, in Virginia, … Continue reading

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