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Bob McDonnell: A Lifetime of Treachery, Trickery & Deceit

It isn’t that Bob McDonnell isn’t a slimy sonofbitch whose word and ethics and honor and loyalty aren’t worth a confederate dollar, but rather that so many people were hoodwinked into believing the opposite. “Governor Ultrasound” as he was known … Continue reading

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Virginia, Where Crooked Deals Are SOP

Virginia was one of the most-watched states last November, as outrageously extreme republican candidates sought to gain control from mere extreme republicans who had been in control of the state government. The people spoke out, at least as far as … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal, Go to the Head of the Class!

For generations, oil and gas companies have not just engaged in outrageous conduct that has wrecked havoc on the gulf coast, but state and local governments have encouraged them to do so. Affected as much or more than any other … Continue reading

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The Virginia Showdown

In just a few days, the people of Virginia will be sending a message to the the radical right, that the citizens of this country are disgusted with the anti-woman, anti-voter, anti-American agenda that they have followed wherever they have … Continue reading

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Republican Leadership: Wrong Lesson Learned

Sen. Tom Coburn (Rep., Okla.) was a guest on Meet the Press this morning. Coburn is a very vocal member of the Senate, never too timid to express his extremist views. Coburn, a medical doctor, is in his second term … Continue reading

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