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45’s Wednesday Big Lie Was a Doozie

For months, 45, the LAZIEST person to EVER occupy the Oval Office, a pos who has spent fully 1/3 of his first 11 months in office ON VACATION, even lying about when he is playing golf, which has been virtually … Continue reading

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Big Pharma and the Supreme Court – a Match Made in Heaven

In two rulings from the US Supreme Court, each decided five-to-four, the Court’s conservative block has insulated BIG PHARMA from an innumerable number of injury claims from consumers who ingest their drugs and who then suffer significant injuries and damages, … Continue reading

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Rice Is Poison

Mrs. Hound and I eat a lot of rice, as do many of our friends and relatives, and a couple of billion other people around the world, and according to some recent studies done by the FDA, rice and rice … Continue reading

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Miracle Drugs Making Us Sick – FDA Finally Taking Action

While countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark in recent years have greatly reduced or even banned the use of antibiotics as a regular additive to animal feed, in the United States, despite strong warnings from the medical profession, such … Continue reading

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