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45’s Wednesday Big Lie Was a Doozie

For months, 45, the LAZIEST person to EVER occupy the Oval Office, a pos who has spent fully 1/3 of his first 11 months in office ON VACATION, even lying about when he is playing golf, which has been virtually … Continue reading

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Hastert’s a Felon – Time to End the Hastert Rule!

In a sweetheart plea bargain condemned by many across a broad spectrum of politics and the criminal justice system, former Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R, IL) has now plead guilty to one felony for what was essentially … Continue reading

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Why No One Who Is Sick Should Ever Support the gop

Medical researchers have long known that a cure for diabetes was likely to be developed, but that the major stumbling blocks and delays were not scientific in nature, but rather political. Back in the dark ages of the george w … Continue reading

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Tea Bagger “Head Lice” House Hard at Work

A few days ago, Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (Dem, NJ) speaking on the House floor told his fellow members that they were less popular with the American people than head lice. This comes from a poll reported in the Washington … Continue reading

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The New Federal Budget: What Actually Got In

As Congress has now passed a new budget and as the President will undoubtedly sign it into effect, there are numerous provisions that extreme right wing interests have managed to include, provisions that boggle the mind as they, if nothing … Continue reading

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