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The Mixed Legacy of Eric Holder

Certainly, all cabinet members serve at the will of the President and are beholden to follow policies as set by the President, but there is still a measure of discretion inherent in offices of the highest level, including that of … Continue reading

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20 Years Ago, the Lying, Cheating, Stealing dick cheney Said NO!

dick cheney, the architect of george w bush’s foreign policy, domestic policy, and douche policy, formulated most every major aspect of the disaster that was the invasion of Iraq and the attempt to manage the country in the aftermath. Today, … Continue reading

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The Real Story Why Susan Rice Should Not Be Secretary of State

When Condoleezza Rice repeatedly lied to the American people about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction, Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham were vociferous in their defense of her, and fully supported her nomination to become george w bush’s … Continue reading

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“[My Brother] Kept Us Safe”

These were the words the country heard stated matter-of-factly at the republican national convention by Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and brother of george w bush. These words constitute the biggest lie EVER uttered to the American people. Period. Bar … Continue reading

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Torture, the Pakistanis, and the Canadian Judiciary

At a time when both the conduct of the Pakistanis and the use of torture by agents of the US government have been constant topics in the news, there is yet another newsworthy story involving both topics, plus the integrity … Continue reading

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Lies and Incompetence Didn’t Bring Down Bush – Investigate and Prosecute Now!

Second in a series For eight long years, the American people were victims of the incompetence of the bush administration, and duped by the outright lies continually espoused from the highest members of the administration, including the President himself. As … Continue reading

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The Obama Administrations’s Biggest Failure: Why Have Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the Rest NOT Been Prosecuted For War Crimes and Other Felonies?

The evidence is voluminous, the crimes horrendous. For eight long, gruesome years, the policy-makers of the administration of George “King W” Bush, in the name of “protecting” the citizenry, engaged in a criminal enterprise that deprived American citizens of their … Continue reading

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