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Yet Another Knife into the Heart of the EPA

But first, some relevant information about coal: One of the big campaign promises oft repeated during the 2016 presidential election was that of “bringing back coal”, a promise so deceitful as to defy any sense of logic. As President Obama … Continue reading

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GOP Plan – Out of Sight, Out of Mind

It seems that on a couple of fronts, gop controlled state governments are engaging in a practice of removing from sight, and in their warped thinking, from the minds of the rest of society, information and more about ideas and … Continue reading

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Tea Baggers Stick to Their Guns, But Christie Has A Viewpoint for Every Faction

I’ve written several recent posts about tea baggers, and they contain nothing, I’m sure, complementary. I will now give the members of this &*$#*(@% movement, a compliment: They formulate positions on issues, and as lame, deranged, idiotic, and fanatical as … Continue reading

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A Great Response to Climate Change Deniers

A new war in the middle east, unemployment, austerity, voting rights, equal justice under the law, and the debt ceiling are all issues of great concern among US and world leaders, and informed citizens. But, they all pale in comparison … Continue reading

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