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Right Wing Scare Tactics Avoid What Should Be Scaring People

The major assault of right wing campaigning as the election nears, among both politicians running for office and their media overlords, has been outrageous, deceitful scare tactics, designed to frighten voters into supporting outlandish positions. The two primary areas of … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Good Guy,….. With a Gun

Linda Maddox is a 63-year-old grandmother who lives in the Tampa, Fl. area. She lives with her son, Reginald, and his twin seven-year-olds, Tyler and Tyrique, in a five-bedroom home that she has owned for more than 25 years. Reginald … Continue reading

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Rice Is Poison

Mrs. Hound and I eat a lot of rice, as do many of our friends and relatives, and a couple of billion other people around the world, and according to some recent studies done by the FDA, rice and rice … Continue reading

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