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It’s Time to Re-Write The Constitution

At Least the Bill of Rights After 227 years, there are obvious failings with the Constitution, sections that have been interpreted, re-interpreted, and misinterpreted for generations. It’s time to examine the ambiguity, and re-write essential sections, most importantly in the … Continue reading

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Tea Bagger House Insults America while Senate Gets Something Right

The prevailing view among intelligent Americans is that the ultra conservative tea party house has wasted valuable time introducing and passing meaningless bills meant to placate their vapid base of uninformed, uncaring, and uneducated zealots. A closer look, however, reveals … Continue reading

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Public Funding of Elections and Prop 15: Is It All a Waste of Time?

A lot of people spent a lot of time, not to mention blood, sweat and tears, working for the passage of Prop 15, which would have been a great first step towards true campaign financing reform, and which yesterday went … Continue reading

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