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What This Country Needs: Truth in Political Advertising Laws

Going forward from the most disgusting election campaigns in the lifetime of most living Americans, and quite possibly ever since the establishment of our nation, there are many possible fixes that could get us back on track as the world … Continue reading

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The Scandalous Ripoff That Is California’s “FasTrak” Toll Road System

Well, its been awhile since I last wrote about the abomination that is the “FasTrak” pay system that now steals major portions of California highways from taxpayers and awards the privilege of driving upon them to the newly created upper … Continue reading

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California’s New Class System

Early last year, I wrote about how the California Department of Transportation and local transit entities were in the process of transforming California’s legendary highway system – legendary “free” highway system – into a two-tier system, one for the haves, … Continue reading

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More Right Wing Lies About Business “Un”-Friendly California

With this past week’s announcement that Toyota is closing its Torrance, CA headquarters and relocating 3,000 jobs to Texas, the right-wing propaganda machine has gone mad with criticism of California’s tax system and environmental protection laws, alleging that such state … Continue reading

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The Conundrum of Municipal Elections – How To Fix Them

Continually changing demographics have resulted in the under representation in local government of significant groups in cities across the country. Cities that now include large numbers of residents from various backgrounds overwhelmingly are governed by councils that have retained the … Continue reading

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Worse Than Tim Donnelly? Amazing, But True

Glenn Champ, a resident of Tollhouse, CA, in Fresno County, is seeking a new job. His resume is as follows: 1992 – Guilty Plea to Carrying a Concealed Weapon; 1993 – Conviction on two Counts of Assault with Intent to … Continue reading

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