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Even More Anti-Semitism Surrounding trump

In modern American history, there have been several instances of virulent, outspoken anti-Semites attaining various positions of power, from former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to WWII era radio protagonist Father Coughlan to nation of islam founder Louis Farahkan, … Continue reading

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ISIS, ISIL or Da’esh: Money and Imperialism Rule, Common Sense and Reality Take a Backseat

Last night on Real Time, Bill Maher again cleared away much of the obfuscation and bluster, and hit on the realities of today, in the USA. He told the world, at least that portion of it that listens to the … Continue reading

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Sen. Sanders Takes Action – Bill to End US-Paid Mercenaries

I’ve written a lot about how utterly absurd it is for the US government to continue to award multi-million dollar contracts to such criminal enterprises as Halliburton and its various subsidiaries, and to Xe Services, the successor to Blackwater, not … Continue reading

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What IS The Deal in Afghanistan? Oh, Yea, Blackwater and those Other Nasty Contractors. And Bribes.

The big headlines right now concern General Stanley A. McChrystal, who deserves the scrap heap, but like Keith Olbermann said today, should be retained to finish the job and show the President’s critics that he is the bigger man. But … Continue reading

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The Obama Administrations’s Biggest Failure: Why Have Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the Rest NOT Been Prosecuted For War Crimes and Other Felonies?

The evidence is voluminous, the crimes horrendous. For eight long, gruesome years, the policy-makers of the administration of George “King W” Bush, in the name of “protecting” the citizenry, engaged in a criminal enterprise that deprived American citizens of their … Continue reading

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