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My Response to Criticism of My After-Election Post

I have received considerable criticism after posting this last night: “USA: 1776-2014. RIP” (Why people post on Facebook and not here, I’ll never understand, or accept.) I STAND BY EVERY THING I SAID AND WOULD NOT CHANGE A WORD. The … Continue reading

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ISIS, ISIL or Da’esh: Money and Imperialism Rule, Common Sense and Reality Take a Backseat

Last night on Real Time, Bill Maher again cleared away much of the obfuscation and bluster, and hit on the realities of today, in the USA. He told the world, at least that portion of it that listens to the … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Vampire Lies

For decades, there was a popular saying that sought to diminish the authority of statistics that said that there are “lies, damn lies, and statistics”, meaning that any and all statistics could be manipulated to prove any side of any … Continue reading

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From Bill Maher: California is Leading by Example

In perhaps the best five and one-half minutes of TV that Bill Maher has provided us in years, last night in his Real Time “New Rules” segment he told the world how it COULD BE, he told the world how … Continue reading

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Bill Maher Describes the REAL ronald reagan

I’ve written a fair amount over the years about the worst president in US history, the conservative idol, ronald reagan. His legacy is the destruction of the two party system of dedicated patriots working together, though from varying points of … Continue reading

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K-V Pharmaceuticals Tops the List of Big Pharma Crooks

Makena is a synthetic form of progesterone that is highly effective in combating the risk of premature delivery. Pregnant women who are at risk receive weekly injections for periods of four to five months. Until a few weeks ago, injections … Continue reading

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