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Has Anyone Actually Read the Heller Case?

Advocates for the unfettered sale, carry and use of firearms base in great part their argument for the constitutionality of these positions on the interpretation given the second amendment by the US Supreme Court in the 2008 case of District … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio: He Actually Said That?

In a gop presidential campaign that has seen donald trump expose a small part of the pervasive racism that infects every cell of his being and that has demonstrated the inherent deceitfulness of both ben carson and carly fiorina, who … Continue reading

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Anti-Government Nevada Rancher Ready To Start Next “Waco”

Yesterday’s LA Times featured a very frightening feature piece that many people may have missed. The title, “A Lonesome Land Fight in Nevada” (retitled “In Nevada, a rancher wages a lonesome fight over land” online) failed to reveal that the … Continue reading

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