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Non-Voters Are Giving Power to Extremists

Main-stream thinkers, the people who believe in government and who believe in humanity, also think nothing of handing over the reigns of power to extremists who believe in far different values, by virtue of their failure to vote. This was … Continue reading

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Tea Baggers Stick to Their Guns, But Christie Has A Viewpoint for Every Faction

I’ve written several recent posts about tea baggers, and they contain nothing, I’m sure, complementary. I will now give the members of this &*$#*(@% movement, a compliment: They formulate positions on issues, and as lame, deranged, idiotic, and fanatical as … Continue reading

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What Happens When Californians Let a Tea Bagger into Congress?

You get someone who: 1. Votes to cut food stamps to the poor because the bible does not say that the government should feed the poor, while over the past few years, he and his family who own and operate … Continue reading

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