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The Sad Case of the Political Response to Bowe Bergdahl’s Release

GOP duplicity has never been more evident than over the prisoner exchange of Bowe Bergdahl successfully carried out by Pres. Obama. After politicians, largely republican Senators, became aware that a US soldier had been held captive in Afghanistan for a … Continue reading

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The Lunatics With Guns Are Winning

The past week has to be one of the most embarrassing in the history of the United States of America. In cities and towns around the country, average citizens, going about their daily business continue to be gunned down by … Continue reading

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Neocons: “Don’t Try It, It Might Work”

It is amazing but totally predictable. The war mongering neocons who escaped unscathed from the horrors of the george w bush administration continue now as they did with Iraq and Afghanistan and as they did with Libya and as they … Continue reading

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GOP Great at Re-Writing HIstory to Suit Their Needs

It’s not enough that the right wing has made a saint out of this country’s worst president in history, and it’s not enough that they demonize the current president for everything he supports, irregardless of the fact that they had … Continue reading

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Screw Syria – Fix the Bridges!

As shown in this map, across the United States there are thousands and thousands of bridges, across which, on a daily basis, 200 million vehicles – cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles – and people, pass, which are in danger of collapsing. … Continue reading

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Obama Budget a Slap in the Face to the Democratic Base

Next year, it may be “buy chicken instead of beef” for seniors, but in a few more years for some, it may well be “buy cat food instead of chicken”. THAT could be the eventual result of changing Social Security … Continue reading

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“He Carried Yellow Flowers”, a Herman Cain Campaign Ad, For Real!

“He Carried Yellow Flowers” is, astoundingly, a REAL campaign ad, written, produced, and distributed for the purpose of electing Herman Cain as the next President of the United States. Really. ????? THIS is the what the current teabagger favorite and … Continue reading

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Best New York TImes Op-Ed EVER, and by Warren Buffett

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich. Read it. NOW. Billionaire Warren Buffet has called out the tea bagger house and the rest of the recalcitrant, Grover Norquist-observant republican party, to effect fair tax rates, so that for the first time in decades, … Continue reading

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Prosperity COULD Be Around the Corner

Cut, Cap, and Balance. Grim Reaper Party. Tea Klux Klan. Tea Bagger House. These people are dangerous. And much of the American citizenry, thanks to Rupert Murdoch’s garbage network of LIES, DECEIT and pure, unadulterated CRAP, thanks to Citizens United, … Continue reading

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