More Republican Voter Fraud – Where is McCain’s Outrage?

It was reported by the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, that the group Young Political Majors, or YPM, hired by the California Republican Party, illegally and fraudulently changed the registration of untold numbers of Democrats. It is alleged that employees of the organization in some cases told voters that in order to sign initiative petitions for tougher penalties against child molesters, that they had to change their registration to the Republican party, and in other cases, their registrations were changed without their knowledge. Some victims have also reported that their registration status was changed to “absentee” without their permission, meaning that if they went to the polls to vote, they would be turned away.

YPM has registered a total of 70,000 voters to the Republican Party in California.

Similar allegations are being investigated in Florida and Massachusetts, and the organization is being sued in Arizona.

Today, more hit the fan, as Mark Jacoby, owner of YPM, was arrested in Ontario, CA., for voter fraud. Apparently, Jacoby registered himself at a fraudulent California address so that he could qualify as a signature gatherer in California.

McCain was very vocal concerning the alleged indiscretions of ACORN. I have yet to hear him utter a word, let alone in an attention-getting venue such as a Presidential debate, about these blatant activities, bought and paid for, by his Republican party.

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