Even More Anti-Semitism Surrounding trump

In modern American history, there have been several instances of virulent, outspoken anti-Semites attaining various positions of power, from former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to WWII era radio protagonist Father Coughlan to nation of islam founder Louis Farahkan, and others. Included in that list is a man who did not have quite the power status of the others, but who was, with likely only one exception in Father Coughlan, the most outspoken hate monger of them all, former politician John G. Schmitz.

John G. Schmitz was a republican California State Senator from Orange County, Ca. for six years until 1970 when he was elected to Congress, where he served four years. In 1972 he was the American Independent Party (the party formed by former Alabama governor and

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outspoken segregationist George Wallace) candidate for President. In 1978, he was again elected to the California State Senate, but while his outspoken racist and extremist views did nothing to harm his political career, eventually it came crashing down due to revelations of extramarital affairs, children born out of wedlock, and horrific sexual abuse of those of his children.

John G. Schmitz’ outspoken opinions included calling the 1965 Watts’ Riots a “a Communist operation”, he said that public universities should be sold to private corporations in order to stop student protests, and he regularly made virulent anti-Semitic statements, including referring to attorney Gloria Allred and others that supported the right to choose as having “hard, Jewish and (arguably) female faces”. If you can believe it, a long-time member of the John Birch Society, John G. Schmitz was actually stripped of his membership as being too extreme for them. After his death, the most notorious holocaust denial organization in the US, the Institute for Historical Review, described him as a “good friend of the Institute”.

So, why write about this now? Well, it seems that steve bannon is NOT the most anti-Semitic advisor to trump, not so long as one of John G. Schmitz’ sons, Joseph E. Schmitz, is also an advisor to the President-elect. And he takes after his father, in all of the worst ways.

He is also a holocaust denier, having stated that the holocaust could not have happened, because, in words attributed to him during a hearing process, “the ovens were too small”.

That “hearing process”, before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), had to do with allegations of anti-Semitism brought against him while he held the position of Inspector General of the US Department of Justice. One primary claim came from fired senior intelligence community official Daniel Meyer, who testified that Schmitz had bragged that in his position overseeing vast numbers of federal employees, that he had “fired all the Jews”.

In another pending matter, David Tenenbaum, an Army engineer at the Tank Automotive Command (TACOM) has brought up similar allegations regarding Schmitz as part of his claim that current and former Defense Dept. officials had “helped perpetrate an anti-Semitic culture within the military”, a culture he alleges began with Schmitz when he was Inspector General. 2008 findings from the Inspector General’s office – made after Schmitz

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left - regarding Tenenbaum’s claims included the following: “Tenenbaum had been singled out for ‘unusual and unwelcome scrutiny because of his faith’ as an Orthodox Jew.” See more details here: "Trump adviser accused of making anti-Semitic remarks".

After Schmitz left the Dept of Defense, he went to work as general counsel for the infamous government security contractor, Blackwater, whose widespread nefarious activities during the Iraq War included the murder of numerous Iraqi civilians and
the criminal convictions of several Blackwater employees.

All that makes one wonder about any possible connection between Schmitz and trump’s choice for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, who is the brother of Blackwater founder Erik Prince.

And, as an aside, the Schmitz family also includes John G. Schmitz’ daughter and Joseph’s sister, Mary Kay LeTourneau, who as a 37-year-old teacher, was sentenced to several years in prison after her conviction for her sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student.

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