How Many Deplorables Does It Take….

Why did the Deplorables cross the road? trump told them it would make them rich and keep the Muslims out of Merika.

How many Deplorables have graduated from trump University? None – trump University did not accept Confederate money for the tuition.

How many Deplorables does it take to screw in a light bulb? Doesn’t matter – none of them have electricity.

How many Deplorables received mortgages from trump Mortgage Company? None – trump Mortgage only made loans on real estate and did not loan money on house trailers.

How many Deplorables eat trump steaks or drink trump Vodka? None – both are priced too high to buy with food stamps.

How many Deplorables wear hats? None, you cannot put a hat on over your hood.

How many Deplorables actually work for trump? That’s a trick question as trump only employees foreign workers who cannot vote in the USA.

How often do Deplorables take a shower? Take a what?

How many African-American Deplorables are there? Hard to say but trump has sent a team of investigators to Hawaii to do a search.

How many Deplorables are conductors? 200,001 – One on the Long Island Railroad and 200,000 that were struck by lightning.

How many Deplorables work at fast-food restaurants? Actually, none – they cannot comprehend the intricacies of pressing a picture of a hamburger on a touch screen

Are any Deplorables Circus performers? Yes, and they all say they’ll vote just as soon as they finish cleaning up the elephant shit.

How often do Deplorables wash their sheets? Before every meeting.

How many Deplorables would fit in Mar-a-Lago? None. trump wants your vote but he’d never let you live near him.

About theHoundDawg

For many years as a lawyer, I saw much of the good and bad of society, and did what I could to right many wrongs. The lack of understanding of what is good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust, as evidenced by such events as the election of King W as president, (who as such far surpassed the evil of richard nixon but not quite that of ronald reagan) lead me in a new direction, to spend my time trying to understand what is happening to our society, to try as best I can to spread my insights to others, and along the way to maybe even eke out a living through the internet.
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