Rubio Puts Phony Anti-Castro Past Above His Senate Responsibility and US Needs

When Marco Rubio burst upon the Florida political scene, he told a compelling story about how his parents had fled Fidel Castro and Communist Cuba for a new, free life in the United States. He told the tale often enough to garner enough sympathy votes from a new, misinformed base that believed his tall tales and fox fixed news noise propaganda and was elected to the US Senate. His formal Senate biography featured more of his creative fiction
about his supposed family history.

Since, of course, the real facts of the Rubio clan have emerged, through investigations from the likes of, Mother Jones, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR, the Miami Herald, and, well, the
list goes on. The bottom line is that just about everything that Rubio said about his family’s past and their coming to the USA was a big, fat lie.

The short version of the true story, is this: Rubio’s parents left Cuba and entered the US in 1956, three years BEFORE the Revolution and Fidel Castro’s taking power. After his takeover and the establishment of the communist government that he has so frequently and vehemently criticized, Rubio’s parents made numerous trips back to Cuba, and had little trouble leaving or re-entering the US. Beyond that, Rubio’s grandfather, Pedro Victor Garcia, had entered the US illegally during the late 1950s, but then chose to return to Cuba almost immediately AFTER Castro took power in 1959, and actually went to work for the Castro government in the Treasury Ministry. A couple of years later, he returned, again illegally, to the US, and was taken in to custody by immigration officials, and ultimately was ordered deported back to Cuba. However, he had at some pint been released from custody, and failed to appear for further proceedings. Years later, he applied for legal status, but a review of the forms he submitted, as described by the Washington Post’s Manuel Roig-Franzia in his biography of Rubio,”The Rise of Marco Rubio,” reveals that Garcia lied about when he had entered the US, by several years.

Despite his family having been not quite so anti-Castro as Rubio had alleged, he has been a staunch opponent of the Cuban government and perhaps the gop’s most vocal critic of Pres. Obama’s new era of diplomacy with Cuba and the opening up of that country to travel and trade.

And then earlier this year, US Ambassador to Mexico Earl Anthony Wayne decided to retire.

Roberta Jacobson has had a long career in public service, serving both republican and Democratic administrations, including serving almost five years as w’s Director of the State Department's Office of Mexican Affairs and as an Assistant Secretary of State under Pres. Obama.
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She was a most popular choice to become the next US Ambassador to Mexico when nominated by Pres. Obama, and despite the norm of total and shameless opposition to any and all appointees made by and bills supported by the President, she received wide and bipartisan support from both parties throughout the Senate, and her nomination was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by a cross section of members, and a vote of 12-7, with all opponents except one being republican. Knowing of her fluency in Spanish, expertise in Latin American politics and skill in cross-border trade negotiations, the Mexican government was looking forward to her appointment.

But, in steps Rubio. It seems that during her tenure in the State Dept., Jacobson, was one of the President’s chief negotiators of the new relationship with Cuba, including her participation in opening a U.S. Embassy in Havana, easing restrictions on travel and business for Americans and establishing mail service between the two countries, all of which are No-Nos for Rubio, the man with the phony anti-Castro background. Senate rules allow a single senator to effect a “hold”, effectively prohibiting a full Senate vote on the nomination.

And so, due to his childish, irrelevant and made-up outrage, the US remains without an Ambassador to its third-largest trade partner, the country with which it shares a 2,000
mile border, and where approximately one million US citizens currently reside.

One other thing to consider: It is interesting to note that Rubio’s outrage over Jacobson actually pre-dates her activities regarding the Cuba situation. Recently released emails between former
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and aides discussed Rubio’s pending opposition to Jacobson’s appointment as Assistant Secretary of State back in 2011, and in fact, Rubio DID place a similar hold on Jacobson’s nomination to become Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs in 2012.

Jacobson’s nomination to become the Ambassador was actually made on June 2 of this year, and Rubio’s hold was put in place on Oct. 8. Enough is enough – not only does the shameless, petty, deceitful and incompetent senator from Florida need to remove his hold, but he needs to remove himself from the presidential race. NOW!

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