Georgia Shootings, A Year and a Half Later

In March, 2014, I wrote about the pending “Safe Carry Protection Act” or more correctly, the “Guns Everywhere” bill that was about to be signed into law by Georgia governor Nathan Deal. The new law expanded the state’s open carry laws to allow loaded weapons to be brought into churches, government buildings, bars, airports and most schools, plus it extended the “Stand Your Ground” defense to convicted felons, authorized the use of silencers for hunting, and capped fines at $100.00 and eliminated confiscations for bringing loaded weapons through airport security.

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So, just how has that worked out?

Some statistics published this month seem to demonstrate exactly what many people feared - a substantial increase in mass shootings throughout the state. The bill was signed into law in March, 2014, and these are the facts: Through the full year of 2013, there were seven mass shootings in Georgia and through the first three months of 2014, January
through March, there were two. Over the rest of 2014, April through December, the state saw 17 additional mass shootings, and through the first 11 months of 2015, Georgia has had 19 mass shootings. Deaths in these shootings totaled five in 2013, 20 in 2014, and 25 so far this year.

Coincidence? Hardly. Of this year’s 25 deaths, ten occurred in a single September 27 bar shooting. In case you missed it, the open carry of a loaded weapon into a bar had been illegal until Gov. Deal signed 2014’s “Guns Everywhere” law.

Also remember, these statistics are ONLY for mass shootings. I’ve tried to find stats regarding single shooting incidents, but that has been elusive. As to school shootings however, since March of 2015, Georgia is tied with Florida for the most incidents at six apiece, and that dozen represents almost 1/3 of the nation’s 38 school shootings over that time period.

“Guns Everywhere” – What could possibly go wrong?

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