Carson the Leader in gop Lie-Fest

Trump - Carson Truth MeterWednesday night’s gop lie-fest that they dared to call a “debate” was led in the category of most egregious intentional misstatement of fact by “the most ignorant and uninformed” of them all, ben carson, who had the audacity to tell the moderator and the world, among so many falsehoods they could not be counted, that he had NO involvement with the discredited supplement purveyor, Mannatech, that had claimed for years that its products cured Downs syndrome, cystic fibrosis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS and other serious diseases. As it turned out, not only did its products totally fail to cure anything, but in some cases they were dangerous and even contained ingredients such as ephedrine that were lethal and eventually banned. In 2008, Mannatech agreed to pay $11.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by the attorney general of Texas (the company’s home state) to compensate victims of the company’s false, outrageous and dangerous claims.

But carson had nothing to to with all that, right? Maybe this is a different ben carson shilling for Mannatech:

This spot SHOULD include a video of carson shilling for Mannatech,
but from the time that the writing of this article was begun to the time of its
completion, the official Mannatech videos of carson have been REMOVED
from by Mannatech or otherwise at carson’s request.

But of course carson is not alone in spewing forth lie after lie. He was joined by EVERY gop candidate who appeared Wednesday evening, but in particular by trump, whose 8% figure for truthful statements seems very, very high, and of course by carly fiorina, whose entire campaign has been based on lies about Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood, Pres. Barack Obama, and her disastrous career as CEO at Hewlett-Packard, which resulted in her current position as having been picked as one of the 20 worst corporate CEOs in history. In every debate she has spewed one lie after another about Hillary Clinton, the

prior debate saw fiorina also lie about fake videos she allegedly watched which she tried to use to condemn Planned Parenthood for practices with which they have absolutely NO connection, and in this debate, she made absurd claims about the number of jobs lost by women due to the policies of Pres. Obama.
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And don’t forget Rand Paul who promised the viewing audience that the next day he would filibuster for hour after hour until the time of the vote, the pending budget bill. knowing full well that the time to filibuster had already passed, and then he followed that up by conducting a full 18-minute FAKE FILIBUSTER!

gop pundits have spent much of the past few days gushing false praise for their real one and only viable candidate, Marco Rubio, alleging that he did really well Wednesday, when, yet again, that’t total garbage, will his usual lackluster performance based on … yep, lie after lie. One particular area they are touting, he allegations that Hillary Clinton admitted to lying in here testimony last week. Well kiddies, guess what? Rubio’s phony allegations have been totally debunked! See the lengthy, detailed article “Is Hillary Clinton a ‘liar’ on Benghazi?” by Glenn Kessler, which concludes that insufficient facts exist for Rubio to make those accusations., eco-kitchen superstore
For a great, scholarly article delving into the pervasive gop mindset of lying, lying and more lying in order to disseminate a false knowledge among voters, see “The GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge” by Mike Lofgren. Lofgren provides this partial explanation for the current fact-free campaigns, fueled by the right wing propaganda media and in part by the debate process:

“Thanks to these overlapping and mutually reinforcing segments of the right-wing

media-entertainment-“educational” complex, it is now possible for the true believer to sail on an ocean of political, historical, and scientific disinformation without ever sighting the dry land of empirical fact. This effect is fortified by the substantial overlap between conservative Republicans and fundamentalist Christians.

“The latter group begins with the core belief that truth is revealed in a subjective process involving the will to believe (“faith”) rather than discovered by objectively corroberable means. Likewise, there is a baseline opposition to the prevailing secular culture, and adherents are frequently warned by church authority figures against succumbing to the snares and temptations of “the world.” Consequently, they retreat into the echo chamber of their own counterculture: if they didn’t hear it on Fox News or from a televangelist, it never happened.”

So, gop, do you lie because you are all inherently dishonest or because you know that is what your supporters want to hear?

Finally, what is maybe the most disgusting part of all this is the follow-up from the debate where the gop planned attack on moderators during the debate has evolved into a total attack on the debate system, with allegations that the mods were out to get the gop and that democratic candidates faced no such difficult questions, an allegation so absurd that no response is even needed (just go back and watch the videos). Cry-baby gop candidates and the RNC now want a different system, different networks (hey, didn’t they say a lot of the same things about questions from THEIR OWN FOX moderators?) and are defending their ignorance, misinformation and outright untruths by saying “The Moderators Did It!”

[Check out this lengthy, detailed comparison of this third gop debate and the questions asked, with the other debates: “QUIZ: Can you distinguish the CNBC debate’s ‘rude’ questions from the other debates?

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